What's next?

When everything is connected, arrange the components in a way that's convenient for you. You may want to place the monitor on top of the computer, for example, or stack disk drives to conserve desk space. Then you're ready to read Chapter 2, "Getting Started: A Hands-On Tutorial," to learn all the basic skills you need to use your Apple IIGS.

If you have other components to add to your Apple IIGS system, refer to Appendix A of the Apple IIGS Owners Reference for further information. If your Apple IIGS is connected to a network, you'll find complete information on using network services in Chapter 11 of the Apple IIGS Owner's Reference.

But if you've never used an Apple IIGS or Macintosh® computer, you should go on to Chapter 2 before turning to the owner's reference. (You'll need to know some basic Apple skills in order to complete some of the procedures described in Chapter 11 and in the appendix.)


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Chapter 1: Setting Up Your Apple IIGS