Session1: Using the tour disk

The quickest way to get comfortable with your Apple IIGS is to start using it. That's the purpose of the Apple IIGS tour disk, Your Tour of the Apple IIGS.
In this session you'll

identify your startup drive

start up the tour disk

use the tour disk to learn some basic Apple IIGS skills and concepts

practice using the Apple IIGS with simulated writing, record-keeping, calculating, and drawing programs

learn some simple computer programming

stop the tour disk

To use the tour disk, you need a monitor and at least one 3.5-inch disk drive connected to your computer. If your only disk drive is a 5.25-inch drive, you won't be able to use the tour disk—but you can get the same information by reading Chapters 1 through 3 of the Apple IIGS Owner's Reference.

You don't need to complete the entire tour disk at one sitting. (In fact, you may decide to skip some sections altogether.) But because the later sections of this chapter assume that you're comfortable using the mouse, be sure to complete at least the mouse sections at the beginning of the tour disk. If you don't have the equipment needed to use the tour disk, you can learn how to use the mouse by reading Chapter 2 of the Apple IIGS Owner's Reference.


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Session 1: Using the tour disk