When you're ready to stop using the tour disk, follow these steps:

1. If necessary, press the Esc key to return to the main menu of the tour disk.

2, Choose Conclusion from the Quit menu.

3. Make sure the disk drive light off, then eject the disk from the disk drive,

Ejecting a disk while the disk drive light is on could cause information on the disk to be lost or could damage the disk drive.

To eject the disk, push the eject button on the disk drive.

Stopping the tour disk

Figure 2-5 Ejecting a disk

4. Take the tour disk out of the drive, but don't switch off the computer,

The instructions in the following session assume that you're starting with the computer switched on, so if you'll be returning to the computer later today, don't switch off the power. (If you won't be using the computer for a day or more, go ahead and switch it off. When you return for the next session, simply switch the computer on before you start.)

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Session 1: Using the tour disk