Session 2: An introduction to the Finder

The Finder™ is a program on the Apple IIGS System Disk that lets you start other programs, switch easily from one program to another, and manage the information stored on disks.

Think of the Finder as your home base whenever you're using your computer.

As its name implies, the Finder finds and starts programs for you so that you don't need to restart your computer each time you want to use a new program. In addition, the Finder makes it easy to do a variety of information management tasks.

In this session you'll learn to

write-protect a disk

restart the computer without switching it off

examine the contents of a disk

arrange the. items on a disk for easiest access, in much the same way you might arrange items on your desk

Some of the tasks you'll learn in this session can be performed more than one way. For ease of learning, however, only one method is presented in this tutorial, and a cross-reference to the appropriate chapter of the owner's reference is provided in the margin in case you'd like to read about the other methods.


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Chapter 2: Getting Started: A Hands-On Tutorial