Restarting with the system disk

When you started up the tour disk, you began with the computer switched off. But it isn't necessary to switch off the computer each time you want to start up from a new disk. Follow these steps to restart the computer with the Apple IIGS System Disk:

1. Insert the Apple IIGS System Disk in your startup Drive, metal end first and label side up.

If you don't remember which disk drive is your startup drive, refer to "Identifying Your Startup Drive" in the previous session.

2. To restart the computer, press Command-Control-Reset.

When you're asked to press two or more keys whose names are joined by hyphens, hold down the first key or keys while you press and then release the last key. In this case, for example, follow these steps:


  • Hold down Command (the key marked with both the outline of an apple and a propeller symbol) and Control.
  • Without releasing Command and Control, press and then release Reset (the key marked with a triangle).
  • When you hear a beep, release Command and Control.

If you release the Command and Control keys before you hear the beep, you may see a blinking square bracket (]) on the screen, indicating that you've entered the Applesoft BASIC programming environment. Don't be alarmed; just repeat the Command-Control-Reset keystroke sequence described above, being sure to release the Reset key and wait for the beep before releasing the Command and Control keys.

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