The Finder uses small pictures, called icons, to help you organize and keep track of information. There should be at least two icons on the Finder desktop: the System.Disk icon, representing the Apple IIGS System Disk, in the upper right; and the Trash icon, where you discard items you no longer need, in the lower right. (The icon of your startup disk always appears in the upper right.) If you've connected any 5.25-inch disk drives, there will also be an icon representing each of those drives.

You can rearrange your electronic desktop simply by moving the icons. When you're using the Finder on your own, you'll probably want to arrange the items on the desktop to fit your own working style.

Follow these steps to practice moving the icons on the desktop:

1. Position the pointer on the System.Disk icon.

2. Click the System.Disk icon.

To click the icon, quickly press and release the mouse button. As you click, the icon becomes highlighted—that is, white on black instead of black on white. The highlighting indicates that the icon is selected. (You select an icon to designate where your next action will take place.)


Moving icons

For additional selecting techniques, see Chapter 3 of the Apple IIGS Owner's Reference.

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