The instructions you give to the computer are called commands. All the commands you need for using the Finder are grouped into menus, Like a menu in a restaurant, the Finder menus let you see all the possible commands and make your choice.

"he names of the Finder menus are listed in the narrow white strip, called tile menu bar, across the top of the desktop. Like roll-up maps in a classroom, the Finder menus stay out of sight until you pull them down to see them.

Follow these steps to practice viewing anti choosing from menus:

1. Click anywhere on the screen (except one of the icons),
This deselects any icon that remained selected after you practiced moving icons on the desktop.

2. Position the pointer on the word Special in the menu bar,

3. Hold down the mouse button to view the Special menu,
The Special menu appears. It remains visible as long as you hold down the mouse button. (This action, pressing the menu title, is called pulling down the menu.)


Choosing commands from menus

For an alternate method of issuing commands, see Chapter 3 of the Apple IIGS Owner's Reference.

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