The icons on the desktop represent collections of information. The System.Disk icon represents all the information stored on the Apple IIGS System Disk. The Trash icon represents all the information you have discarded since the last time you emptied the Trash. (At present, there isn't any information in the Trash.)

When you want to know in more detail what's represented by an icon, you can open the icon to see what's inside.

Follow these steps to open the System.Disk icon:

1. Click the System.Disk icon to select it.
Selecting an icon in effect tells the computer where you want your next action to take place.

2. Choose Open from the File menu
Position the pointer on the word File in the menu bar, hold down the mouse button, and drag the pointer to the Open command. When the command name is highlighted, release the mouse button.

When you release the mouse button, a large white rectangle, known as a window, appears on the screen. This window contains icons representing the contents of the system disk.


Opening icons

For additional methods of opening icons, see Chapter 3 of the Apple IIGS Owner's Reference.

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