Where to plug in your components

The Apple IIGS has a row of sockets, known as ports, on its back panel. Most components can be plugged directly into ports on the computer. (Figure 1-1 shows the components you'll connect—either directly or indirectly—to the ports on the back panel of the Apple IIGS during this chapter.)

Monitor: Displays instructions for using the computer, displays the information you enter

Disk drive: Stores information on disks; retrieves information from disks and sends it to the computer

Keyboard: Lets you type information and send instructions to the computer

Mouse: Lets you send instructions to the computer by pointing at options on the screen instead of typing

Figure 1-1 Components that you'll connect to ports

Figure 1-2 shows the ports and other features on the back panel of the Apple IIGS. Below each port is a visual symbol called an icon, that represents the type of component you plug into the port. For example, the disk drive port is marked with the icon of a disk.

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Chapter 1: Setting Up Your Apple IIGS