At its original size, the System.Disk window isn't large enough to display the complete directory of the disk. If you look near the upper-left corner of the window, you'll see that the window contains seven items. But only five of those items are currently visible in the window. To see the other icons, you can use a technique called scrolling.

Scrolling through a window lets you display a different part of the directory in the window. To scroll through a window, you use the scroll bars—the long bars along the bottom and the right side of the window, with an arrow at either end—and the proportional scroll boxes—the long white rectangles within the scroll bars.

Figure 2-13 Scroll bars and proportional scroll boxes

Note that the proportional scroll box in the horizontal scroll bar of the System.Disk window covers a little more than half of the gray scroll bar. This indicates that a little more than half the width of the directory is visible. The proportional scroll box in the vertical scroll bar completely covers the gray scroll bar, indicating that the entire height of the directory is in view.

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Session 2: An introduction to the Finder