Changing the size of a window

If a window takes up too much space on the desktop—or, on the other hand, if it's too small for you to see as much of the directory as you'd like—you may want to change the size of the window.

Follow these steps to change the size of the System.Disk window:

1. Position the pointer on the small box in the lower-right corner,
This box, which shows two interlocking squares, is called the size box.

2. Drag the size box to resize the window.
Press and hold down the mouse button, then move the mouse to move the pointer. As you drag, a gray outline moves with the pointer to indicate the new size of the window. Dragging horizontally changes the window's width; dragging vertically changes its height; and dragging diagonally changes both. The new dimensions take effect when you release the mouse button.

Figure 2-15 Changing the size of a window

3. Drag the size box again to return the window to its original size.
If you don't remember its original size, refer back to Figure 2-14. (You don't have to be exact.)

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