Another way to change the size of a window is to use the window's zoom box, the small square in the upper-right corner. Zooming is faster than using the size box but gives you a choice of only two sizes: You can use the zoom box to expand a window to the full height of the desktop or to return it to its original size. For all other sizes, you use the size box.

Follow these steps to practice using the zoom box:

1. Position the pointer on the zoom box of the System.Disk window.

2. Click the zoom box to expand the window.
When you click the zoom box, the window automatically expands to fill all but the rightmost inch of the desktop.

Figure 2-16 Zooming

3. Click the window's zoom box again.
The window should return to its previous size. (If it doesn't, you may have moved the window slightly. Use the size box to make the window smaller, and then try steps 1 through 3 again.)

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Chapter 2: Getting Started: A Hands-On Tutorial