Moving windows

Just as you often need to rearrange the items on your desk or work surface—perhaps to put the papers you're working with on top of items you don't need at the moment—you'll often find it useful to move windows on the Finder desktop. You can move a window so that only part of it is visible on the desktop, but you can never move it entirely off the desktop.

Follow these steps to practice moving windows:

1. Position the pointer anywhere on the title bar of the System.Disk window (except on the small square at either end).
The title bar is the thin strip along the top of the window. It contains the window's name and four horizontal lines.

2. Drag the title bar to move the window to a new location.
To drag, press and hold down the mouse button as you move the mouse in the direction you want to move the pointer.

As you drag, a gray outline moves with the pointer to indicate the new location of the window. When the outline is where you want the window to be, release the mouse button. The window moves to its new position.


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