Session 3: Organizing information

In the previous session you practiced working with icons and windows. In this session you'll extend those skills, learning to use the Finder to organize the information on your disks.

In this session you'll learn to

work with more than one window on the desktop

organize information in multiple levels of folders, in much the same way you might organize papers in a filing cabinet

add color to icons

The Finder desktop functions in much the same way as your desk or work surface. You can have many pieces of paper stacked on your desk, but you usually write on only one at a time. By the same token, you can have many windows on the Finder desktop, but you can work with only one at a time.

Just as you rearrange the papers on your desk so that the item you want to work with is on top of all the others, you can move back and forth among the windows on the desktop, switching windows whenever you want to work with a different one.

Follow these steps to practice managing multiple windows on the desktop

1. open the System.Disk Icon.
Click the System.Disk icon to select it, and then choose Open from the File menu.
The System.Disk window appears on the desktop.


Working with more than one window
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Session 3: Organizing information with the Finder