Using multiple levels of folders

The Tutorial folder on the Apple IIGS System Disk represents a typical folder you might have on one of your disks. The icons inside aren't real documents—they're only simulations—but they'll help you learn how to use multiple levels of folders to organize information.

Follow these steps to practice organizing information in folders:

1. Open the Letters folder.
Click the icon labeled Letters (shaped like a file folder) in the Tutorial window. Then choose Open from the File menu.
The Letters icon opens into a second window, in front of the Tutorial window.

Figure 2-21 The Letters folder

The icons in the Letters window represent the contents of a folder within a folder. (Each icon represents an item stored in the Letters folder, which is in turn stored in the Tutorial folder on the system disk.)
Note that the Letters folder contains both files (represented by the icon of a sheet of paper with the upper-right corner turned down) and additional folders.

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Chapter 2: Getting Started: A Hands-On Tutorial