Session 3: Experimenting with the Finder

In the previous sessions you practiced working with icons, windows, and folders. But apart from moving things around, you couldn't make any changes to the information on the system disk because the disk was write-protected. (All the adjustments you made to icons and windows—size, position, and color—were only temporary. You can make such changes permanently only if you're working with a disk that's not write-protected.)

Now you'll have a chance to experiment, using a practice copy of the system disk that isn't write-protected. That way, you can change what's on the practice disk without worrying about losing any information—you'll still have your write-protected original disk.

In this session you'll learn to

initialize a disk

make a copy of a disk

move files and folders from place to place

create new folders

rename file and folder icons

discard items you no longer need

Some of the tasks you'll learn in this session can be performed more than one way. For ease of learning, however, only one method is presented in this tutorial, and a cross-reference to the appropriate chapter of the owner's reference is provided in the margin in case you'd like to read about the other methods.


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Chapter 2: Getting Started: A Hands-On Tutorial