Moving files and folders

When you store something in a folder, you don't have to leave it there forever. You can move items from one folder to another in much the same way you might transfer papers from one file folder to another.

Follow these steps to practice moving folders and files:

1. Open the Tutorial folder on the Practice disk.
Click the Tutorial icon to select it, and then choose Open from the File menu. The icon opens into a window.

2. Open the Graphics folder.
Click the folder icon to select it, and then choose Open from the File menu. The Graphics icon opens into a window in front of the Tutorial window.
Note that the Graphics window contains a file called Letterhead. Imagine that you created this file in a graphics application such as a painting program—which is why you originally decided to store it in the Graphics folder.
But after giving the matter some additional thought, you may decide that you'd rather keep this file with your letters than with other graphic images, since you'll use it as the template for all your business letters. You can move the file from the Graphics folder into the Letters folder.

3. Drag the Letterhead icon from the Graphics window on top of the Letters folder.
Position the pointer on the Letterhead icon, press and hold down the mouse button, and move the mouse. An outline of the icon follows the pointer on the screen.
When the pointer reaches the Letters folder, that folder becomes highlighted. Release the mouse button. The Letterhead file is now stored inside the Letters folder.


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