Creating a new folder

In the previous session you worked with the Tutorial folder and the folders within it. But you're not limited to the folders that come on a disk—you can create your own folders to organize information however you like.
Follow these steps to create a new folder on your practice copy of the system disk:

1. If necessary, close windows until only the Tutorial window is displayed on the desktop.
To close a window, click anywhere in the window to make it active, and then choose Close from the File menu.

2. Choose New Folder from the File menu.
When you choose New Folder, a new folder icon, named Untitled, appear: in the next available opening in the Tutorial window.

Figure 2-28 Creating a folder

Choosing New Folder always creates a new folder in the active window. Because the new folder icon appears in the next available opening in the window, it's sometimes necessary to scroll (or enlarge the window) in order to see the new folder.

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