You've had a chance to practice several Finder skills during this session. The Tutorial folder has served a useful purpose, but you're not likely to need it again. Just as you would throw away or recycle extraneous papers, you'll now discard the entire Tutorial folder. (The original version is still on your write-protected original system disk, should you need it again.)

Follow these steps to discard the Tutorial folder:

1. Open the Practice disk window so that the Tutorial folder icon is visible.
Click the Practice disk icon to select it and choose Open from the File menu.

2. Drag the Tutorial folder icon on top of the Trash icon in the lower-right corner of the desktop.
As you drag, an outline of the icon follows the movement of the pointer.
When the pointer reaches the Trash icon and the Trash becomes highlighted, release the mouse button. The Tutorial icon and the Tutorial window disappear from the desktop.
Note that the Trash icon now has bulging sides—indicating that there's something in the Trash.


Discarding folders and files

For an alternate method of discarding folders and files, see Chapter 5 of the Apple IIGS Owner's Reference.

Figure 2-29 Discarding a folder

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Session 4: Experimenting with the Finder