Session 5: Using the Control Panel to customize your computer

The first four sessions of this tutorial gave you a good feel for using the Apple IIGS. Now you'll have a chance to change some of your computer's features to suit your preference—much the way you adjust the mirrors and seat in a car.

You'll do so with the Control Panel, a special program on the Apple IIGS System Disk. The Control Panel is a desk accessory program—a "mini-application" that you can use even when you're already running another application.

In this session you'll use the Control Panel to

set the computer's calendar and clock

adjust the volume and pitch of the computer's beep

change the color of the border around the Finder desktop

The options you'll change in this session are just a few of the settings you can change using the Control Panel. For complete descriptions of all the options, see Chapter 9 of the Apple IIGS Owner's Reference.

You'll also learn how to shut down the computer at the end of this session


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Session 5: Using the Control Panel to customeize your computer