Setting the computer's calendar and clock

The Apple IIGS has a built-in calendar/clock that runs from a battery rather than from the power supplied to the computer, so it keeps accurate time even when the computer is switched off. You shouldn't have to set the clock very often—except to make adjustments if you live in a place that observes Daylight Saving Time.

Follow these steps to set the computer's calendar and clock:

1. Choose Control Panel from the Apple menu.
The Apple menu is found under the Apple logo (a multicolored, striped apple) in the menu bar. To display the Apple menu, point to the Apple logo as you would any other menu title and then hold down the mouse button. Drag through the menu choices until Control Panel is highlighted, then release the mouse button.
When you choose Control Panel, you'll see the following screen.

Figure 2-30 The Control Panel

The column on the left has icons representing several categories of options you can set in the Control Panel. The column on the right represents the options in the selected category.

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Chapter 2: Getting Started: A Hands-On Tutorial