Changing the border color

If you have a color monitor, you can choose one of 16 colors for the border around the desktop. If you have a monochrome monitor, you can choose from black, white, and 14 shades of gray.

Follow these steps to change the border color:

1. Scroll through the column on the left until the Monitor icon is visible.

2. Select the Monitor icon.
Click the Monitor icon to select it. The Monitor options appear in the column on the right.

Figure 2-35 The Monitor options

3. Press the box to the right of the word Border.
A pop-up menu appears listing sixteen possible border colors.

By the way: The Control Panel settings for background and text color have no effect in the Finder—they're only useful for applications known as text-based applications. (For information on text-based applications, see Chapter 1 of the Apple IIGS Owner's Reference.)

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