4. Drag through the list until the name of the color you want is highlighted, then release the mouse button.
When you release the mouse button, the border color changes to the color you selected. Experiment until you find the color you like best.

5. Close the Control Panel
To close the Control Panel, choose Close from the File menu.

Shutting down the computer

When you're in the Finder, you shouldn't switch off the computer's power.

Instead, you use the Shut Down command, which quits the Finder and prepares the computer to be switched off.

Follow these steps to shut down your Apple IIGS:

1. Choose Shut Down from the Special menu.
You'll see the Finder Shut Down Options dialog box.

Figure 2-36 The Finder Shut Down Options dialog box

2. Click OK.
Your startup drive ejects the system disk, and a message appears on the screen indicating that it's safe to switch off the Apple IIGS.

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Chapter 2: Getting Started: A Hands-On Tutorial