How to use this guide

This guide is designed to walk you through the steps of setting up your Apple IIGS computer and learning to use it. By the time you finish following the instructions in this guide, you'll be ready to put your computer to work.

Here's what you'll find in this guide:

Chapter 1, "Setting Up Your Apple IIGS," shows you how to put together the components of your computer system.

Chapter 2, "Getting Started: A Hands-On Tutorial," teaches you the basic skills you'll need to use your Apple IIGS.

Some computer terms are printed in boldface type when first introduced. The boldface indicates that the term is in the glossary of the Apple IIGS Owner's Reference. The glossary provides more detailed explanations of boldface terms—as well as many other terms—than can conveniently be given in the text.

In sections that give step-by-step instructions for performing a procedure, boldface numbered steps explain briefly what you need to do. There's usually a paragraph or two following each step, with elaboration and background information. If you're eager to get through the procedure, you may find it easier to read just the boldface steps; but the complete information is always there for you if you're not quite sure what to do.


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