Contributing to this site:-

Content for this site is provided by volunteers for the sole purpose of giving information to other users of the Apple II platform.

Acceptable information to post for inclusion here is:

  • New articles regarding your experiences with the Apple II
  • Information regarding setting up an Apple II & Beginner's Information Files
  • Specific model information about any model of the Apple II (including compatibles)
  • Software information*
  • Link Submissions
  • New software
  • Online versions of manuals*
  • Articles written specifically for this site on any Apple II related subject
  • Promotional material*
  • Messages on the Apple II Message Board

*=See the Copyright information file for information on providing copyrighted material for access on this site

To contribute material, you can email your files as attachments to the email address: 

Again, if the information you wish to contribute is copyrighted & you are not the copyright owner, please include reference information which shows that this site has permission to use the copyrighted material. See the copyright information for further information.

Apple II software should be compressed using the standard Shrinkit archiving system (files ending in .shk)
Contributions of articles should be presented in either HTML or text files & images should be converted to either JPEG or GIF images.

Thank you for any content you may wish to provide.

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