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Given the very divisive nature of the Apple II community in the past & indeed the present in many areas of the online Apple II community, this site has been set up as being completely independent of any exisiting sites that currently exist.

Everyone, anywhere is welcome to use this site, including posting & replying to messages on the Apple II Message Board. By using the facilities contained here, you agree to the following points:

1 - Any constructive comments or criticism of any material on this site should be emailed to 

2 - People interested in the copyright policies of this site should refer to this page.

3 - Anyone wishing to contribute material for inclusion on this site or to suggest new areas & site directions should view the Contributions page. This information should of course, pertain to the Apple II platform & be completely impartial.

4 - Unwelcome users of this page are those posting inciteful or 'flame' email, mass or 'spam' email or those who wish to post 'hateful' public followup posts to users of the Message Board.
If you have personal issues with people posting messages there, the place to take up those issues is via personal email. This site is not the forum to carry out personal arguments.

Complaints regarding this site should be directed to the administration staff of this site at 

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