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This area of the Apple II site is for links on the Internet related to all aspects of the Apple II.

Where possible, they are divided into categories such as hardware, software, documentation etc... & accompanied by a short description of each site.

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Apple II Beginner's Guide
Information for new Apple II users
Apple II FAQ
Copy of Nathan Mates' Apple II FAQ salvaged for personal use by Fred Jan Kraan.
Apple II Help Page
Info and links; Csa2 FAQs in HTML

Official Csa2 FAQs Sites
Pure Text for downloading or Viewing via an FTP program ...
Text formatted for on-line perusing via Netscape, etc. ...
HTML web site versions of the FAQs
HTML web site versions of the FAQs

General Apple II sites:- (Includes Publications)

International Apple II BBS List
A2 BBS sites and phone numbers
A2 Web
Self described as 'The Mother Of All Apple II Web Sites, the A2 Web site contains a large array of links to areas such as Apple II FAQs, hardware & software vendors, repairers, marketplaces, software for download, newsgroup locations & much more.
Apple II Webring List
List of sites in the Apple II Webring, run under the banner of the A2 Web site. For information on putting your Apple II site into the webring, see the Apple II Webring page
On-line service which permits A2 net access
"A2 (Apple II)" - forum
"A2Pro" - Apple II Programmers forum ...
"II Computing" - forum
KansasFest Web Page
KansasFest information. Kansasfest is the Apple II equivalent to the Macworld conference.


Odessa Entertainment
On-line entertainment 'zines
Shareware Solutions II
Regularly published Apple II newsletter from Joe Kohn. SSII also distributes various Apple II & IIGS programs.

Texas II- Appleworks products and information, Y2K info, and home site for the Apple II Mail Group (A2MG)

II Computing

Home site for Usenet Csa2 Apple II FAQs in html

Washington Apple Pi

Apple II and Apple III information

Unofficial, Unauthorized, Apple Online Museum- Apple II machine history, anecdotes, and pictures

Upgrade the GS Project- Home page for input and discussion relating to IIgs upgrades


Web-based newsgroup browsing site. Simply enter 'apple 2' into the search area & the site will gather the various Apple II newsgroups, from which you can then select the group of your choice, where Dejanews will gather the messages currently posted in the group you've chosen.
Slightly different approach to Dejanews, though with similar principles. Simply enter 'apple 2' into the search field & then select from the group of your choice.
Newsgroup available on most news servers around the world. This group is for both general Apple II discussion as well as for individual questions & answers. This group has a large number of active participants from around the world.


Apple II Lessons & Software
BASIC Lessons and A2 software
Apple II Programmer's Archive
Language software
Neil Parker's Home Page
Apple IIgs Progamming information


AOL A2 archives on Ground
Large collection of Apple II/IIgs Software (Site currently unavailable but mirrored at this site)
Huge archive of software for download with easy to navigate areas, divided into many categories & also divided into Apple II models. The same site is available through FTP
Apple #1 archive of IIgs game, system, etc. software; maintains System 6.0.1 files as well as being a major Apple II information and game hints/cracks resource and FAQs mirror.
for FAQs mirror ...
Apple Computer A2 Support
Mainly GS system software
Apple2 Caltech- large collection of II/IIgs games and utilities old Csa2 FAQs by Dan DeMaggio and Nathan Mates
Apple II Emulator Page
Apple II emulator software and info
Apple II Emulator Resource Guide
Apple II emulator info
Apple IIgs Gaming Memory Fairway
IIgs games in emulator and .shk form
Apple2 U. Kentucky
A2 archive
Apple2 U. Michagan
A2 archive
Asimov- #1 archive of Apple II 8-bit games and utilities in emulator DSK and file formats; plus emulators and emu info
Asimov Mirrors- sites which mirror Asimov Apple Asimov Mirror Australia Aarnet Mirror Georgia Mirror
Brutal Deluxe Software Home Page
Innovative software company who have given the Apple II world some excellent software. This site features information about the company as well as downloading areas.
Dave Tribby's Apple II Page
Housed within this site, Dave Tribby has gathered an excellent selection of software & information for various Apple II models.
The Giant List
Major listing of games and authors
Ground Apple2 U. Iowa- the largest Apple II archive and home site of the Csa2 Apple II FAQs; maintains II/IIgs games, utilities, HC/HS stacks, music files, ..., and information plus separate collections including the AOL A2 archives for FAQs
Ground Mirrors- sites which mirror Ground Apple Ground Mirror
GS WorldView 'zine- II/IIgs applications articles, games, utilities, A2-2000 archive, and links; home site for 1WSW
Interactive Fiction Archive
Infocom and other games, game authoring/interpreter software, hints and solutions
Company still producing software for the Apple II platform, also has a good selection of Apple II links to choose from. Stocks Eamon Adventures, A2 software, Index
L.J. Silicon's Treasure Chest
Apple II software
Moro's Emulator Page
XGS .2MG utils, Sys6, games, and links
Russell Nielson Website
Games and other Apple II software
Ninja Force Downloads
Apple IIgs utilities
Nova Scotia Apple Users Group Page
II/IIgs utilities
Penguin Software Archive
Penguin/Polarware games and history
Tarnover Apple ][ Repository
Resource of Apple II software including the mirror of & Asiov archives as well as links to Apple II sites in general.


Treasure Chest Project
Willie Yeo's list of A2 software reclassified as freeware or shareware
SheppyWare Downloads
Apple II/IIgs games and utilities
FTP Downloads site Apple2 U. Kaiserslautern- II/IIgs games, utilities, and emulator wares
USA2WUG- Apple II Help & FAQs Collective; Csa2 FAQs mirror
for FAQs mirror ...
The Vault
Archive of Apple II games in emulator disk image form
XGS Project
IIgs games in emulator form, XGS utilities and FAQs, ...

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