The Australian Apple Review

The Australian Apple Review was a small Apple related magazine, printed with reasonable regularity by Gareth Powell, who also printed a number of other titles at the same time such as The Australian Commodore Review. You should note that The Australian Apple Review is no longer in print.

Gareth writes for a number of major newspapers & other publications, has email newsletters & one of his major titles is The Australian Internet Directory.

He has kindly given this site permission to reprint articles from The Australian Apple Review with the following statement:

'...Of course we would donate the text if we had it but it has gone to that great scrap heap in the sky. But you could scan it in and OCR it. That works very well and you could do that with my blessings.


The following articles are now online, with more to be added as they are scanned & converted for online use. Each article is represented in categories & followed by the date it was originally printed.

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