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Here are my contributions to the Apple II community. The first is the original owner's guide for the Rom 01 Apple IIGS. You need to bear in mind that it was written in 1986. At present your authorized Apple dealer isn't likely to be as much help with the GS as he would have been back then. Some things mentioned in the manual will not be readily available now. Also, this manual doesn't refer to the "state of the art" GS. It doesn't have any information on GSOS as it didn't exist at the time this manual was written. The Rom 03 manual "Apple IIGS Owner's Reference" is a lot more current, (but also twice the size and this manual took between 200 and 300 hours of work.)

I have proceeded with my plan to add other manuals here. I have added "Getting Started With Your Apple IIGS", and I am now beginning to work on the "Apple IIGS Owner's Reference", as time permits. My 12 year old son has decided to take on "Setting Up Your Apple IIGS". These four manuals should prove very valuable to users who are new to the GS. I may be interested in doing further manuals. If anyone can spare some of the more interesting manuals, e.g. HyperCard IIGS, or any of the development manuals I may be prepared to convert them.

Let me know what you think. I would be especially interested to hear from people viewing these pages with Apple IIs.

For those who are interested, the pages were scanned on a Microtek scanner attached to a Mac Quadra 660AV. Scans were manipulated in Adobe Photoshop 3.05, OCRed using Read It! OCR, and the pages laid out using Softpress Freeway 2.0. Most of the work was done on a PowerMac 8100/80AV, with the task being finished on my new iMac. I proof viewed the pages on my Sun IPC. (Unfortunately the IIGS didn't get involved, I'm still waiting for a ram card for it.)

Are there any software developers out there who would like to swap a copy of their software for having their manuals converted to the web?

Kim Howe

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