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Posted by Lee F. on April 24, 19101 at 01:23:07:

In Reply to: Hm, a thought.... posted by Paul G on April 22, 19101 at 13:47:51:

: Since Apple 2 GS has 6502 compatibility and Nintendo's NES used same 6502 chips wouldn't it be possible to run NES games on GS?? Of course there would have to be adaptations to suit GS video and audio hardware, just wondering. Is there a NES emulator for GS ?

I think you would still have to emulate the 6502 due to the fact that the NES emulator would access a virtual memory space. Also, the emulated graphics and sound hardware would require cycles from your actual 6502 in order to run.

I've seen x86 assembler source code for a 6502 emulator, which seemed pretty tight and fast... it could probably be even more optimized if re-written to actually run on a 6502. The problem though comes down to overall horsepower, which I don't think the 6502 has enough of in order to emulate every component of an NES.

Emulation, even of older hardware, taxes CPUs to no end.

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