Re: 2 Serial burnouts :(((

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Posted by Paul G on April 25, 19101 at 09:58:01:

In Reply to: Re: 2 Serial burnouts :((( posted by Vince on April 25, 19101 at 03:53:30:

Loopback plug? I don't have one. I used something called CTS Port utilities. If PC caused damage why then PC port burned out? I connected my WinRadio 1550e scanner to COM2, somehow without using external adapter(it's an external device) port now is able to slightly power the scanner even when OFF. And I don't wanna run scanner under these conditions to prevent damage of scanner. I need something to test the port physically. I'm not sure how serious the damage is for GS though. I removed mobo and examined it. The only visible damage is the burned out conductive layer leading to ferrite choke. I'll see if I can solder those 2 contacts back together...about PC i dunno, no visible damage to mobo.

: The only thing I can figure is that the pc was still powered on and fried the gs port somehow. I know working with pc's as a tech as a general rule, always shut down both devices before hooking up equipment. Voltage runs through the cable and could have caused damage that way. As to why the pc works with a loopback test but doesn't work with devices... what program are you using for the loopback test, and what type of lookback plug are you using?

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