Re: 2 Serial burnouts :(((

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Posted by Vince on April 25, 19101 at 12:48:18:

In Reply to: Re: 2 Serial burnouts :((( posted by Paul G on April 25, 19101 at 09:58:01:

I use a program called microscope. I'm a pc tech and I use this often on site. It comes with a plug that loops the signal back to the pc so whatever gets transmitted comes right back to the pc. It does not check the voltage line on the serial port. You say the scanner is still being powered by pc even when off? Do you suffer same problem on the other com port. I must also asume you are running an ATX style board and you may have more than 1 problem. You may want to put a meter on the port and see if you are getting voltage readings with power off and which pin # is still generating the power. You may have a bad uart or voltage regulator. Let me know which pin is producing power and I can look it up if you'd like.

: Loopback plug? I don't have one. I used something called CTS Port utilities. If PC caused damage why then PC port burned out? I connected my WinRadio 1550e scanner to COM2, somehow without using external adapter(it's an external device) port now is able to slightly power the scanner even when OFF. And I don't wanna run scanner under these conditions to prevent damage of scanner. I need something to test the port physically. I'm not sure how serious the damage is for GS though. I removed mobo and examined it. The only visible damage is the burned out conductive layer leading to ferrite choke. I'll see if I can solder those 2 contacts back together...about PC i dunno, no visible damage to mobo.

: : The only thing I can figure is that the pc was still powered on and fried the gs port somehow. I know working with pc's as a tech as a general rule, always shut down both devices before hooking up equipment. Voltage runs through the cable and could have caused damage that way. As to why the pc works with a loopback test but doesn't work with devices... what program are you using for the loopback test, and what type of lookback plug are you using?

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