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Posted by Vince on April 27, 19101 at 06:22:41:

In Reply to: Re: rs-232 loopback pinout posted by Paul G on April 27, 19101 at 02:41:19:

Not much you can do about the serial port on the pc except add an additional one and disable the onboard one. I use an old 386 somebody gave me to do all my file transfers, just in case of problem. With power on the pc, check voltages of each pin on the serial port and get back to me, I can find out which ones are suppose to be hot. Do you think you can construct that loopback plug?

: Printer serial port still works on GS. What can I do for the PC though? Internal loopback on PC's COM2 is ok, I guess it's a problem outside serial controller. I'll check the voltage regulator on the PC's serial port see if it's blown.

: : Ok, sounds like a typical serial port blow out due to power still through the cable from the pc. I'd like to say its an easy fix, but I'd be fibbing. I'm not sure if you can use a super serial card on a gs or not, but that would give you your serial port on the gs. It's either 5 or 12 volts (can't recall offhand) that runs thru the serial port and when you disconnected the cable the outside of the casing is the ground and came loose leaving the voltage to stray off into the machine and ground out causing the ports to go. Dim news sorry about that.

: : : Small correction, only GS was off. And blowout happened when I pulled the plug of turned-off GS.

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