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Posted by Paul G on April 28, 19101 at 07:42:11:

In Reply to: Re: asimov posted by Vince on April 27, 19101 at 06:18:21:

For SE you should get Disk Copy 4.2

Asimov 2.0:

: Thanks, you wouldn't know where I can find disk copy 4.x or asimov would you?

: : Get Disk Copy 4.x for your Mac SE. Disk Copy can write ProDOS 800k DSK images . I haven't encountered the software for GS that can write 800k DSK images. However if you have have GS/OS you should try "Asimov" utility, i heard it can do many useful thing. Havent tried it myself though.

: : : Ok, this is where I found 800K IIgs disk images at

: : :

: : : The question is how to convert to real disks. I have no com software for my 2gs or II+/e except for ADT (which is great for .dsk images) I transfer 140K disk images over to my apple IIe in about 1-2 minutes tops. Every one of the disks has worked perfectly. ADT has a version for the IIgs but it still only transfers 140K disk images not 800K 3.5 images.

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