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Posted by John L on May 23, 19101 at 13:10:43:

In Reply to: Truckload of apple computers, posted by don on May 23, 19101 at 00:34:53:

: A friend of mine bought a truckload of old apple computers, among other things. There wore early Pentium (100-166Mhz), copying machines, radios, and other office things. I know the value of most of it, except the apple things. And that was the bulk of the load. Mostly Apple II and Apple IIeís. and some type of smaller apple system. I would like to know what your opinion is on the value of this stuff. And where in Apple world (as Iím a PC guy), would I be able to find things like this?

Apple // computers and peripherals fetch various prices on the second hand market according to there rarity and demand.

Early Apple ][ systems (not ][+ or //e) are much harder to find than later models and if they come with any peripherals/packaging/original manuals then it could be worth quite a bit.

Apple ][+ systems with a 16K language card (64K total) are less rarer than an original ][ but again, if it comes with full original documentation and is in working order then it might fetch a good price on the second hand market. Any additional and older peripheral cards installed in the machine might be worth some value especially if they are harder to find eg. A sound card or 80-col card.

Apple //e systems (both enhanced & unenhanced) are pretty common so don't expect too much in the way of return with these systems. The actual peripherals installed in the //e might attract a high value - especially cards like the Transwarp Accelerator, RAMFast SCSI, Apple SCSI or some variant of sound card. It's not uncommon for people to pay MORE for a Transwarp accelerator card than a fully equiped Apple //e system with 128K & two 5.25" disk drives.

If you've got a IIgs amongst your lot then you've got a real GEM. The IIgs was the last of the Apple // computers made and differs in being a 16bit machine with full backward compatability with older Apple // models. If any of your IIgs systems have a SCSI card or some kind of accelerator then they will probably fetch a very high price due to there rarity (especially the accelerator - these cards are EXTREMELY hard to find and fetch upwards of $200+ on ebay alone).

To get an idea what prices are being offered for used Apple // gear, check the following newsgroup:


or via http:

and look under vintage computers.

I hope this helps


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