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Posted by John L on June 05, 19101 at 19:30:06:

In Reply to: IIgs Excellerators posted by Dazza on June 05, 19101 at 18:29:28:

: Where Can I buy 1?

I assume you mean "IIgs Accelerators"

The two most popular ones are the TransWarpGS and the ZipGS. Both are out of production. Your only real chance in finding one is on the second hand market. Try looking on: >or< nntp://comp.sys.apple2.marketplace

Be prepared to pay a HIGH price for either accelerator since they are extremely rare and hard to find. I've seen a TransWarpGS running at 8MHz sell for $290!! on ebay.

You might have some luck in finding an accelerator amongst disposed IIgs systems. I recently found a TransWarp II for a //e in an old science lab computer. You never know what you might find with an old Apple // series machine.

I hope this information helps you.


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