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Posted by John L on June 13, 19101 at 13:35:30:

In Reply to: Re: Appleworks --> MS Word 2000 posted by Chris Stebbins on June 13, 19101 at 03:41:44:

: Hi John,
: Do I export to Clarisworks while in Appleworks on the AppleIIGS? Or do I take that floppy to a Mac that reads AppleII formatted disks? Can you do that?

The latter.

The first thing you need to do is get the Appleworks file(s) onto a 3.5" 800K HFS or ProDOS disk. Next you insert the 3.5" disk onto a Macintosh system that will accept HFS/ProDOS filesystems. Any Macintosh model earlier than the beige G3 models should read a 3.5" 800K Apple // Disk correctly provided you're running Mac OS 8.1 or earlier. After mounting the 3.5" disk on the Mac, you then fire up Clarisworks and attempt to "import" the Appleworks files. This should work for Appleworks 1.0 up to 2.0/3.0 (not sure here).

If you've got access to all of the above then give it a go. Otherwise, an alternative option will have to suffice.

The only other option I can think of is to use Repairworks on the AppleIIgs to convert the Appleworks files to raw formatted text. Once in that format they can then be sent to any computer via disk or serial connection/modem.

I hope this helps


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