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Posted by John L on June 13, 19101 at 17:06:31:

In Reply to: Disk Copy program posted by David I. on June 13, 19101 at 14:08:52:

: Is there a DiskCopy program to convert disk images to disks for the Apple IIc+?

: David I. :)

There are a few programs that will convert Apple // disk images (DSK) into actual 5.25" disks. The most common are:

1. ADT 1.22 (Apple Disk Transfer)

- This program allows a user to transfer a whole 5.25" Apple // disk image directly from a PC/Mac to an Apple // series machine via a serial link.

- Comes in various versions for DOS 3.3, ProDOS, MSDOS and MacOS

2. ASIMOV 1.3

- converts DSK files into 5.25" Apple // disk format (ProDOS 8) and vice versa

3. ASIMOV 2.0

- converts DSK,IMG,NIB files into appropriate disk formats (5.25", 800K, Volume restored)

- runs under GSOS only


- DSK to file conversion (ProDOS 8)

5. Copy II Plus 7.4 (or higher)

- converts IMG to 800K or 143K disk format

The above files can be found at:

and its various mirror sites around the world.

NOTE: Some Apple // files will be in BXY or SHK (Shrinkit) format. These files need to be unpacked using SHRINKIT 3.4 on a //e or //c.

I suggest you visit this URL to get started with Apple // resources:


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