Here come my multiple posts... first up, a real cool book reccomendation.

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Posted by Andrew F. on June 17, 19101 at 09:23:20:

Hey HEY! Glad to see the community is still full of fresh, young faces (depending on what I define young as being, I'm 12.) Well, searching through the library, stumbled across a book. Name was "Computer Spacegames." Every BASIC game was for the Speccy, but it had useful footnotes (if X command didn't work with Y computer's BASIC, it'd have a footnote for it.) It had formats for IBM, Commodore and (gasp) Apple II! Highly reccomended, if you can find it. Publisher info will pursue when I can borrow it again.

Apple II Forever!

(P.S. Did you know John Romero, designer of Doom, Rise Of The Triad, and Daikatana, has a museum's worth of Apple computers? Heh heh.)

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