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Posted by John L on June 17, 19101 at 13:11:04:

In Reply to: Re: ADT122 posted by David I. on June 17, 19101 at 05:58:01:

: Thanks John. I found a cable with a male DIN8 connector at one end and a 25pin female connection at the other. I also have one the same as the other but with a 25pin male at one end. Which one do I use and how can I tell if it has null-modem suport? Thanks,

Try connecting the first cable up to your PC and //c+ and start a simple terminal session between the two machines. You can achieve this by installing Hyperterm on the PC (Windows based) and ProTERM (or similar) on the //c+. Set the baud rates to 38.4kbps, 8N1, hardware flow control, VT-100 terminal emulation , then try typing a few characters on one end and see if they appear (ECHO) on the other machine's end. Alternatively, you could try sending a few files using Zmodem or some other protocol. The main thing is to observe some data transfer activity occuring between both machines.

If you get no response then check your settings again or try the other cable.


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