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Posted by John L on June 22, 19101 at 10:52:15:

In Reply to: Re: ADT 1.22 posted by David I. on June 22, 19101 at 05:14:31:

: Can I use a Telecom Starter Kit (Not sure what it does yet) I ordered from on the IIc+ and ADT 1.22 on the PC? Thanks.

You need ADT 1.22 for the Apple // (DOS 3.3 or ProDOS versions) in order to connect with ADT 1.22 on the PC.

The Telcom Starter kit you mentioned above is a bootable ProDOS disk which features a simple terminal program and archiving utilities. Both are useful for sending disk images other than 5.25" ones. Should work ok on your IIc+.

Keep in mind that ProTerm 3.1 - which is the best terminal program on the Apple // is available in a demo version for free download from . It's quite useable in its demo form and is VERY useful for transferring files between A2 and PC systems.


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