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Posted by Em Head on October 14, 19100 at 09:33:17:

In Reply to: Super serial pin settings etc.... posted by John Klein on October 12, 19100 at 18:45:36:

: I hope to bring back a few memories of my early eighties
: high school days.

The old Apple2 surely does that. Like many others I've set
up a little, otherwise unused space as my 'Retro Room', that
I can go to when I'm weary of Linux, Mac OS and that other
thing .... that crime against humanity called Windo$e.

.. To your question:
: I need to know if I can use a 1984 tandy dot matrix printer with this card?

Probably not. I don't remember using a '1984 tandy dot matrix'
but it's most likely to be a parallel, not serial interface.
For that you'll need a parallel card. The super serial card
you have is for Apple ImageWriters, Modems etc. It's VERY useful,
don't get rid of it, but in this case, (probably) not what you need.

: disks every so often from a company called BagelBros.

That's probably 'Beagle Brothers', and the those early disks have now
been released by that company for free public usage (all hail Beagle).

: where I can get a copy of ProDos and/or integer basic..

The answer to all the above will be found at your local Apple Users Group
(if there is one nearby). It's worth hunting one out if you can.
There's SURE to be a helpful soul there who'll fill your wish list.


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