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Posted by Em Head on November 01, 19100 at 03:04:32:

In Reply to: The Text Based Game Dynasty posted by Marty Puentes on October 31, 19100 at 07:46:10:

: Anyone know where I can download the 1978 text based game,
: Dynasty, put out by apple core in san francisco?
: Basically you are a land owner with slaves, land, and crops.
: Events such as floods, drought, increase in crops prices,
: etc... If you know about this please email me
: @

I do remember that one Marty, although I don't recall 'slaves'.
But all the rest was as you describe. Set in China ? Goal is to be
made Emperor etc. ? Buy/Sell land, Grow crops etc. Written in Basic ?

I recall that I rewrote large chunks of the program to make it
more user-friendly to school-kids here, as it was functional but
bare/no-frills/no 'text-tricks' etc. in its original form.

About that time I also gave similar treatment to quite a few other
'PD' text adventures (Stock-Market, Banana-Republic, Golf-Sim. etc.)
and put them on a single disk with a menu that each program went
back to when the student had finished playing it.

Not sure if I have the original disk, but I'll DEFINITELY have a
copy in .dsk format, as I converted all those oldies to .dsk
for emulator usage, before the disk media died a natural death.

If .dsk format is OK, let me know and I'll hunt it out and send
you a copy (about 10 text simulation-programs on the 'disk' as I recall).


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