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Posted by Em Head on November 07, 19100 at 23:40:11:

In Reply to: Apple FORTRAN posted by Andrew Saikaley on November 07, 19100 at 12:49:53:

: I'm looking for a copy of apple FORTRAN to run
: on a IIc. So far with no luck any suggestions?
: Thanx, Andrew

You're straining the memory cells here a bit Andrew, but
as I recall Apple FORTRAN ran Under Pascal so that should be
OK. with your IIc, but it definitely required at least 2 disk
drives (do you have an external ?). In fact there was provision
for up to 6 drives running from extra drive controller cards
in slots 5 and 4 of an Apple ][+ or ][E.
Unfortunately the 'extra-slot' option's out with the IIc.

There MAY have been another FORTRAN under CP/M, but that's also
a remote option for the IIc.

Apple FORTRAN from memory was a subset of FORTRAN 77, way back then.

I haven't seen any 'real' Apple ][ Fortran disks for years,
but you might be able to buy/liberate some somewhere. I'm not sure
whether emulator images would function properly, but of
course those aren't for the IIc.

Sorry that I'm a source of very little help, but all the best in your quest.


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