Re: Tape jacks in the back of my Apple IIe?

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Posted by Peace on November 16, 19100 at 03:25:54:

In Reply to: Tape jacks in the back of my Apple IIe? posted by Andrew F. on November 14, 19100 at 11:59:15:

This assumes a blank tape and you have reset the counter to zero.
First, most cassette recorders use standardizes mic and speaker cables. So, does the 2e.
Just hook the mic jack to the out jack with a cable and the speaker/headphone jack to the in jack.
You need to press record on the tape player before or simultaniously to saving.
To save programs first load or enter the program manually into the computer.
Next, press record (you may need to press record and play at the same time.)
now type save and press return (You may want to type save before you press record. If you do don't press return until you turn the recorder.)
again type the word SAVE and press return.
The cursor will disappear while the program is saving. As, soon as the cursor returns press stop on the recorder.
On paper record the counter number after the program has been saved. (you don't want to overwrite your program if you add other programs to the same tape side.
To load from tape type LOAD then hit return then press play. You can press play first but if you do then make sure you are well before the counter start for that program and after counter start for any previous program. The apple only read a file in if it finds the first thing record for that program.
If you wish to add more than one program to a tape side: on paper record the counter number when the program starts and stops.
When loading a file that isn't the first program on a tape fast forward the tape to the start counter number or a little before.

: I was recently repairing my Apple IIe when I saw two jacks in the back of the main unit. The jacks had a tape icon. I opened the unit and read the chipset. It said (Cassette "In" "Out"). I'm wondering if i can plug in an old tape deck to the back? Or is it for something else? I want to record my own BASIC programs on tapes so is that how I do it? Also do i have to buy special computer tapes or can I just pull a blank from my dad?

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