Ack! What was the name of that one game?!?!?

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Posted by Apple4Ever on January 19, 19101 at 11:26:20:

I remember playing a game in 2nd-3rd grade but I'm unable to remember the name of it...

I only remember a few parts of it.

I remember that the story of the game starts with you leaving a bomb shelther and entering a destoryed world.

I remember "a store" where you have 3 cans of food to pick from (can't even remember how the game described them, sorry). I remember that if you pick the wrong can, the game says something like, "You have picked Can A. Can A is rusty and dented."

Then, if after eating the food in Can A, you go to the bathroom where there is 3 bottles of Med. If you pick the wrong bottle, the game says something like, "The Med in Bottle A doesn't seem to help you."

I also remember a bear. The only thing I remember about the bear is if you shoot it, the bear kills you.

I know that this isn't a lot of info to work with, but you must remember that the last time I played this game was over 12 years ago and I only played it for a week or so.

Thanks for any help you can offer...

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