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Posted by Terry Allen on February 16, 19101 at 21:10:00:

Hi there,
I've received the following email from the University of Technology in Sydney Australia. They are getting rid of their old Apple II stuff. Anyone who is interested should IMMEDIATELY get in touch with them via the email address included in the email.

"Subject: Apple ]['s and peripherals available. In working order.


The University of Technology, Sydney has a number of Apple computers and
peripherals that have been written off out asset list. As the laboratory
manager and as someone who likes computers with a a bit of history I am
reluctant to see these machines trashed. If you know of anyone who would
appreciate them please get in touch with me ASAP. The machines are all
in working order but will get put in a rubbish skip next week :-(

The UTS is located at Broadway, City.

2 x Apple ][ europlus
2 x Apple ][e
5 x disk ][ floppy disk drives
1 x dual Apple floppy disk drive

5 x miscellaneous dot matrix printers
1 x Apple printer
1 x Brother A3 wide dot matrix printer

PS. I found your email from searching for an Apple user group in
Australia and came across http://www.educate.net.au/~apple2/

Best regards,

Michael Lake
Laboratory Manager
Michael Lake
University of Technology, Sydney
Email: mailto:Mike.Lake@uts.edu.au Ph: 02 9514 1724 Fx: 02 9514 1628
URL: http://www.science.uts.edu.au/~michael-lake/
Linux enthusiast, active caver and interested in anything technical.

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