Re: Need help converting 5 1/4 floppy data to PC format

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Posted by LDA on February 19, 19101 at 15:41:08:

In Reply to: Need help converting 5 1/4 floppy data to PC format posted by Bill Gray on February 18, 19101 at 10:09:42:

> I have six Apple IIC 5 1/4 inch floppy disckettes with text
> that I need converted into a format that I can load onto by PC.
> I will be glad to pay a reasonable fee, or will ship the IIC to
> whoever can convert the floppies.

If it's straight text there's a few ways Bill, all of which do require some
hardware/software and know-how.

Firstly, there's the null-modem direct-connection method requiring
substantial know-how and appropriate software at both ends.
I'd avoid this unless you're already set up for the procedure.

I prefer the method that goes via a Macintosh. As you probably
know, a Mac with a 1.4 Mb. floppy CAN write to MSDOS disks.

Thus, if you can get your files onto a Mac Hard-Drive, text-transfer
is as simple as writing a floppy, and taking it across to your PC.

How to get the files to a Mac.? Obviously firstly find a Mac
that has a 1.4 Mb. drive. (iMacs don't have a built-in floppy).
Any Mac from the mid-late '90s will do fine.

At the IIc end, you'll need a 3.5" external drive, or else find
someone with a GS that has both a 5.25" and 3.5" drive attached.

The only other thing you'll need is the ProDos SYSTEM utils
disk that came with your IIc (or GS).

In the 3.5" drive, format an 800K floppy (a 1.4 Mb. floppy CAN
usually be used if you 'tape-over' the second open square hole -
it should then format as an 800K disk). You can use the SYSTEM
utils disk to perform the 800K PRODOS format of the 3.5" floppy

To do this, place the SYSTEM utils disk into the 5.25" drive and BOOT it.
When you reach the MENU screen, REMOVE the SYSTEM utils disk.

Insert the 3.5" floppy and choose FORMAT on the Utils screen.
Specify Slot 5, Drive 1 to format, and PRODOS. Format the Disk.
You will need to format TWO of these disks for your 6-disk transfer.

That done, WRITE-PROTECT your 5.25" TEXT DATA disks (to copy) and place
your first DATA disk into the 5.25" drive. Also place a PRODOS-formatted
(BLANK) 800K floppy into the 3.5" drive.

Using the SYSTEM utils disk to COPY FILES , specify *FROM* Drive 6,1
(the 5.25" / Slot 6, Drive 1) *TO* Drive 5,1 (the 3.5" /
Slot 5, drive 1). Select ALL 5.25" files on the disk, and START the copy.

On-screen you'll see the files as they copy. When Disk 1 is finished, remove it
and insert the second 5.25" TEXT DATA disk , following the above COPY steps.

Each 800K disk will hold FIVE 5.25" floppies, so you'll need the 2nd. 800K
disk to complete the 6-disk job.

When finished, just take the 800K disks to your Mac and copy them
onto its hard-drive - and from there to a MSDOS formatted floppy,
(straight out of the box) - and from there to your PC's Hard-drive.

Simple Mac text processors such as EDIT can save the files
in MSDOS format if you want to avoid any format quirks.

That's it.
It may look complex, but the method is really quite simple, and QUICK.


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