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Posted by Techman on March 28, 19101 at 15:02:23:

In Reply to: IIGS stuff...Computereyes & Sonicblaster posted by Dave Killeffer on March 26, 19101 at 11:43:23:

: I got a IIGS this weekend free from my college's surplus auction. It has a Sonic Blaster card in slot 2 and a Computereyes in slot 7. I don't have the software necessary to use these things though I have a slight clue what both are (Sound & video digitizers). Could someone direct me to online locations for more information?

I suspect the Computereyes interface is a video capture card. The Sonic Blaster is an enhanced sound card that gives the IIgs stereo ouput. You can find some more information on both items in the Apple 2 FAQ's.

See for more information.

Also, I want to transfer my disk images to real disks, but I don't know how. I have both a Mac (LCIII and PB 540c) and PC (Win98 Athlon 550) that I can use to transfer if someone would post the URLs for the utilities that I need to do this. Thanks.

The easiest way to do this is to get the DSK images ONTO your IIgs so they can be converted directly to a 5.25" disk on your IIgs system. I have a LAN setup whereby I download Apple 2 DSK images onto my PC and use my Mac to transfer these images directly to its local hard drive (My PC acts as a Mac File Server under Windows NT). I then transfer my Apple 2 DSK disk images via a LOCALTALK cable from the Mac to the IIgs. This is accomplished using Appleshare. On the IIgs end, I use ASIMOV 2.0 (IIgs) or ASIMOV 1.3 (8bit) to convert the Apple 2 DSK images BACK to real Apple // disks. ASIMOV 2.0 can also do the reverse - convert REAL apple 2 disks to DSK format. It can also handle 2MG and NIB formats as well.

I would personally avoid programs like DSK2FILE since they are unreliable.

In your case, the most important thing is to get the Apple // DSK images onto your IIgs in BINARY format. With a Mac, you can download the Apple 2 images directly onto your local Hard drive and copy them onto a HFS FLOPPY disk and then insert that disk into a IIgs. This is ok for small programs (5.25" disks) but not for large images (2MG or HDV). I suggest the LOCALTALK route for large image transfers.

Useful FTPS:

I hope this helps.

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