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Posted by John L on April 04, 19101 at 01:58:28:

In Reply to: Converting 5.25 floppies to 3.5 posted by Thomas Chalfa on April 03, 19101 at 02:18:49:

: I have lots of Apple II 5.25 floppies that I'd like to convert to 3.5 and run on my Mac ES. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What format are the 5.25" disks in ?

If they are DOS 3.3 format then you can transfer them to a version of DOS 3.3 designed for Unidisks or Apple 3.5" drives. Two of these programs are AMDOS and OzDOS. NOTE: You won't be able to get a Mac Superdrive to read these 3.5" DOS 3.3 disks.

If the 5.25" disks are in ProDOS then things are much easier. ProDOS can format 3.5" 800K disks to 1600 ProDOS blocks. You then use a good copy program such as Copy II Plus to transfer all the ProDOS files to the 3.5" disk. A Pre-PowerPC Mac and early model PowerMac's can read 800K ProDOS disks with no trouble. You can even use a IIgs emulator such as Bernie ][ the Rescue on a PPC Mac and read the ProDOS disks directly.

If the 5.25" disks are in copy-protected or self-contained format (ie. No Operating System) then you're only real option for using them on a Mac is to create a disk "Image" which can be read by a Mac emulator. The "DSK" format is the common 5.25" 143K disk image format used by Apple // emulators.

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